Thank you!

Thanks a lot for joining the workshop today! We hope you learned something and got inspired.

Clean Up

You can keep the AWS resources created today if you want to continue with some experiments. However, please note the potential cost that may be involved with that. AWS is transparent about cost, therefore you will find comprehensive pricing information for every service on our public website. You can apply the pattern<service-name>/pricing to get to the pricing details for a service.


Once you’re done for the moment, you want to clean up your AWS account, e.g. - delete the CloudFormation stack from lab; - delete the Amazon Connect instance from lab 1a; - delete remaining Amazon S3 buckets.

Follow Up

For any follow-ups on the topics we discussed today, but also for any other AWS-related topic, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your AWS account team.


We’re very much interested in honest feedback so that we can continuously improve our performance.


For the latest talks about AI at AWS and other interesting topics, please pay a visit to the AWS channel on youtube

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