Real-Time Analysis

  1. On the AWS Management Console, search for the Amazon Comprehend service and click the name. You will most likely land on the splash screen, as illustrated below. On the splash screen, click the Try Amazon Comprehend button. amazon-comprehend.01.png

  2. Landing on the Amazon Comprehend console, you will find a sample text in the Input text text area in the main area of the screen. Read the text before you scroll down. amazon-comprehend.02.png

  3. Scrolling down the page, you will find the results of the NLP analysis of the above sample text with the five categories

    • Entities
    • Key phrases
    • Language
    • Sentiment
    • Syntax

    Take a moment to explore all the results and connect them to the above sample text. amazon-comprehend.03.png

  4. Now do the same with the transcript of the sample calls you made on Amazon Connect earlier. In the illustrations below we have a focus on sentiment analysis. Consider the sample transcript we have below. It’s a transcript of the customer audio channel. Apparently it makes a quite positive impression. amazon-comprehend.04.png

  5. This impression is reflected by the sentiment analysis results coming out of the real-time analysis of the above text. amazon-comprehend.05.png

  6. Now let’s assume the following transcript of a customer. This doesn’t look so much like a happy customer. amazon-comprehend.06.png

  7. And that impression is clearly reflected in the sentiment analysis results. Take a moment to explore all other results and add some more call recordings if you have the time. amazon-comprehend.07.png