Translate Transcript

  1. On the AWS Management Console, search for the Amazon Translate service and click the name. You may land on a splash screen first, as shown in the screen shot below. In this case, click the Launch real-time translation button. amazon-translate.00.png

  2. In case you landed in the Amazon Translate console differently and defaultet to the Metrics view, click Real-time translation in the navigation frame on the left hand side. In the main area, leave the value in the Source language drop down list to Auto (auto)and paste your transcription text or a part of it into the text area below. On the right hand side you can select your desired target language. Try a few languages that you’re interested in. amazon-translate.02.png

  3. Of course you can programmatically use Amazon Translate through its API or the AWS CLI. Scroll down to see the payload of requests to the Amazon Translate API for what you have entered into the form above. amazon-translate.03.png