Upload call recording

  1. Go to the Amazon S3 console and click on the name of your replication bucket in the data platform region (by default, the Northern Virgina region (us-east-1)). If you have already done another test call after you have enabled replication, you will find it in the connect virtual folder. If not, you can simply upload one you have downloaded from the source bucket in the contact center region (by default, the Frankfurt region (eu-central-1)) on your laptop. In the illustration below, we have uploaded a sample recording named test1.wav. It’s not relevant for the “manual” labs in what virtual folder an object resides. amazon-transcribe.01.png

  2. Click on the file name of the object that represents your sample recording. The next screen will show some details about your object. Click on Copy path to get the S3 URL for your sample recording and store it. We will need it in a bit when we create the transcription job. amazon-transcribe.02.png