Verify Object Replication

  1. Let’s verify that the object replication works. Click the Overview tab. You should see the virtual folder connect from your previous call recordings. amazon-s3.setup-crr.16.png

  2. Click the Upload button, then the Add files button and select a random file on your local disk to upload into your S3 bucket. amazon-s3.setup-crr.17.png

  3. After you select a file, click the Upload button to actually perform the upload. In the illustration below, we selected a file named test1.json. amazon-s3.setup-crr.18.png

  4. After the successful upload you will see the item next to the virtual folder connect in the overview. amazon-s3.setup-crr.19.png

  5. In the top left corner, left of the name of your source bucket, click the Amazon S3 link to go back to your bucket list and click the name of your target bucket. If everything went well, you will see the replicated object, in the illustration below test1.json, in the overview. Note that the virtual folder connect will not appear because the respective objects have been created before the replication rule was set up. amazon-s3.setup-crr.20.png