Create target bucket

  1. Let’s start with creating another S3 bucket in our target region. Log into the AWS Management Console and navigate to the S3 console. We can narrow down the list of S3 buckets shown here by typing a substring of bucket names into the search field in the top third of the page. amazon-s3.setup-crr.01.png

  2. Click the Create bucket button to get to the dialog shown below. Type in the name of the target bucket amazon-connect-4711-crr and select US East (N. Virginia) as region. Additionally, select the source bucket name amazon-connect-4711 for the Copy settings from an existing bucket field. Once done, click the Create button. amazon-s3.setup-crr.02.png

  3. Similar as shown below, you should see two buckets now, the one that was created earlier while you launched your Amazon Connect instance, and the new one with the same name plus the suffix -crr that you have just created. amazon-s3.setup-crr.03.png