Setup Replication

Our call center recordings are stored in a bucket in Amazon S3 in the same AWS region we used to launch our virtual contact center (be it that we really used a virtual contact center as an Amazon Connect instance, or we even virtualized the virtual contact center by simply using Amazon Polly to synthesize virtual sample call recordings).

As we said before, for this workshop, we assume Octank is setting up their central data platform around a data lake in one AWS region that we refer to as the data platform region, while the contact center infrastructure is set up in a different AWS region that we refer to as the contact center region. That’s why we will also look into automatic data replication with Amazon S3 in the next lab as a simple way to implement data ingestion into the data platform.

Amazon S3 has a feature called Cross-Region Replication that we can configure to have new S3 objects in a source bucket automatically replicated into another S3 bucket (the target bucket) in another AWS region (the target region). This is what we’re going to set up in this lab.

In the illustrations for this lab, our source bucket is called amazon-connect-4711 and resides in the contact center region. In the screenshots of this lab, this defaults to the AWS region in Frankfurt (eu-central-1). Our target bucket is called amazon-connect-4711-crr and will be created in the data platform region. In the screenshots of this lab, this defaults to the AWS region in Northern Virginia (us-east-1).

As source bucket, you will use the one that was created while you launched your Amazon Connect instance, or the one you created yourself when you started creating S3 synthesis tasks with Amazon Polly. As name of your target bucket, use the name of your source bucket and add the suffix -crr to it.

Below is a list of the steps for this lab: