Listen to speech

  1. Let’s start listening to Amazon Polly in the console. We have prepared a sample text for you below that you can copy and paste into the Plain text field as shown in the screenshot further below.

    Hello, this is John Doe calling. I'm a customer of your food delivery service. My user ID is jd42.
    I wanted to provide some feedback regarding my order 47110815. Your delivery driver for that order did an amazing job and was overwhelmingly friendly and helpful.

    Of course you can also make up your own text. Once you’re ready, click the Listen to speech button. Try different voices and find the one you like best. amazon-polly.plain-text

  2. Sending plain text to Amazon Polly lets it interpret the content in a default manner. In our case, however, it would be more natural that the customer mentions his order number digit by digit instead of pronouncing the order number as a natural number. Customers would probably also emphasize certain details, like their full name or their user ID. A way to express this is Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) and Amazon Polly supports a number of SSML tags. Below you can find the same sample text as above, but now it’s enriched with several SSML tags that should make the resulting speech sound more natural in the context of a contact center call.

    <p>Hello, this is <emphasis level="strong">John Doe</emphasis> calling. I'm a customer of your food delivery service. My user ID is <prosody rate="75%"><emphasis level="moderate"><say-as interpret-as="spell-out">jd42</say-as></emphasis></prosody>.</p>
    <p>I wanted to provide some feedback regarding my order <prosody rate="75%"><say-as interpret-as="digits">47110815</say-as></prosody>. Your delivery driver for that order did an <emphasis level="moderate">amazing</emphasis> job and was <emphasis level="moderate">overwhelmingly</emphasis> friendly and helpful.</p>

    Click the SSML tab and enter the SSML version of your text in the text box. Take a moment to browse through the documentation of the supported SSML tags and try some of them out. amazon-polly.ssml-text

The above customer statements are only a sample. You can use these sample statements yourself if you like to produce a call recording with a quite positive sentiment, or you can make up your own customer feedback. You will also need customer feedback with a quite negative sentiment. In any case: The customer name “John Doe” and his user ID “jd42” as well as his order number “47110815” are also only samples and will not be needed or referred to in later stages of this workshop.

  1. Instead of an audio stream that is played back through your browser, you can also download the result as an audio file. You can try it out by clicking the Download MP3 button. Notice that you can change the file format by clicking the Change file format link.

    In the end, though, we’re mostly interested in having our fictive call recordings stored somewhere,from where we can start processing it. That brings us to the Synthesize to S3 button.