Check call recordings

  1. Let’s now have a look at our call recordings. Please go to the AWS management console and find the Amazon S3 service. amazon-connect.get-started.step-b1

  2. On the Amazon S3 console, find the bucket that was created as storage for your call recordings earlier. You were asked to take a note about the name of the bucket. amazon-connect.get-started.step-b2

  3. Click on the bucket name and then click your way through the virtual directory structure similar to as it is shown below until you see the S3 objects for your call recordings. amazon-connect.get-started.step-b3

  4. Click the check box next to one of your call recordings to see some details about the S3 object. A Download button also becomes available now. Download a call recording to your computer and use a suitable app to play it. amazon-connect.get-started.step-b4