Run some calls

  1. Once you could click the Next button above and your phone number is claimed, you can use the next screen to do a test call. Let someone from the team pick up a cell phone or office phone and dial the phone number you have just claimed. The default configuration of your Amazon Connect instance will answer with a menu of options. Please select option 8 first to set the call recording parameters. Within that submenu, select 1 to enable call recording for both customer and agent. Back in the main menu, select 1 to get in queue for an operator. amazon-connect.get-started.step-8a

  2. Once your call is in queue, you will see on the screen that there is an inbound call waiting. Let someone else from the team now click the Accept call button and get on the call with the (virtual) customer. For the best experience, you should use a head set with your computer for this. amazon-connect.get-started.step-8b

  3. Connection between contact center agent and customer is now established. Please simulate a discussion on the phone. Once everything is sorted, either party can end the call. In the console, you can click the End call button. One the phone, you can just hang up. amazon-connect.get-started.step-8c

  4. Usually, the contact center agent would now do their after-call-work. You can simulate another customer call now, if you like. Just click the Set to available button on the screen to make your virtual contact center agent available again for the next call. Once you’re done with all calls, click the Continue button. amazon-connect.get-started.step-8d