Claim a number

  1. Now we need to claim a phone number. Select country code and desired type (toll free vs. direct inward dialing), then you can select one of the resulting phone numbers available in the drop down. Once selected, click the Next button in the lower right corner of the screen to continue. amazon-connect.get-started.step-7a

Claiming a phone number may require that you provide a valid business registration document through a support case (that applies e.g. in Germany). In this case follow the additional step shown below, otherwise the Next button will not become clickable. This is not necessary e.g. for US or UK phone numbers.

In case you wanted to claim a German phone number

  1. In case you’re required to create a support case to provide a valid business registration, click the Click here to create a support case now link. You will land in the AWS Support Center console. If the AWS account you use for this workshop is prepared already accordingly, you can stop here. If not, create a support case and hand in your business registration. After the check went through, your claimed phone number will become available to your Amazon Connect instance. amazon-connect.get-started.step-7b