Create your VCC

  1. In step 1, you set up identity management for your virtual contact center. For the purpose of this workshop we simply let Amazon Connect manage our users, so keep the radio button at Store users with Amazon Connect. In the Access URL field, enter the ID of your team - it will become part of the URL of the management console for your particular Amazon Connect instance. amazon-connect.get-started.step-1

  2. In step 2, we create an administrator user for your virtual contact center. It will be the only user we create in this workshop. amazon-connect.get-started.step-2

  3. In step 3, we set the telephony options and keep it to both inbound and outbound calls. amazon-connect.get-started.step-3

  4. In step 4, we determine the data storage for call recordings and reports. We can leave it to the default settings. amazon-connect.get-started.step-4

  5. In step 5, you can review the summary of the settings. Next to Call recording S3 location and Exported reports S3 location you can see the name of the Amazon S3 bucket that will be used for storage of call recordings. Please take a note of the bucket name. amazon-connect.get-started.step-5a

  6. Scroll down to the bottom, find and click the Create instance button. amazon-connect.get-started.step-5b

  7. Now your Amazon Connect instance is being created for you. Please wait a moment while this happens. amazon-connect.get-started.step-5c

  8. Once creation has finished, you will see the success screen. Find the Get started button to launch your Amazon Connect instance management console. Please note the hint below the button that it may take a few additional minutes until the instance management console becomes available. amazon-connect.get-started.step-5d

  9. After having clicked the Get started button above, you land on the welcome page of your Amazon Connect instance management console. Click the Let’s go button to continue. amazon-connect.get-started.step-6