Your workshop facilitators will take care to bring you up to speed before you are tasked with working on the new AI workload. Therefore, your day starts with a small set of presentations to make sure everybody has the right level of understanding for the actual hands-on tasks in the second part.

Part 1: presentations

Depending on how much knowledge and experience you already have about AWS, this part may come with the following presentations:

  • Introduction of the team, some words about logistics
  • Overview of AWS in general
  • Overview of the AWS AI/ML offering
  • Overview of Amazon Connect
  • Architecture of the workload you’re building today

Part 2: hands-on labs (subject of this site)

Labs 1 - 5:

  • Lab 1: Setting up your virtual contact center instance using Amazon Connect, alternatively creating virtual call recordings using Amazon Polly
  • Lab 2: Setting up automatic replication of your call recordings into your data platform
  • Lab 3: Transcription of your call recordings (ASR, speech-to-text) using Amazon Transcribe
  • Lab 4: Translation of your transcripts into other languages using Amazon Translate
  • Lab 5: NLP-analysis of transcripts (e.g. sentiment, key words) using Amazon Comprehend

Architecture for labs 1 -5

Lab 6:

  • Lab 6: Setting up a processing pipeline to automate transcription and NLP-analysis, and run analytics and visualizations on the results

Architecture part 1 for lab 6 Architecture part 2 for lab 6

Before you start with the hands-on tasks of this workshop, please consider the prerequisites and information provided on the following pages: